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Smart Home Security At Your Fingertips With S-C20

If someone is looking for a security camera in the affordable range, S-C20 solved all the purpose. It fulfils all the basic needs of the customer who is looking for a home security solution device. All the working professionals want to keep an eye on what’s happening...

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Feature First to Consider Before Buying Top Security Cameras

High Definition Video Quality A security camera gives clear images with high-resolution. Basically, everyone wants a 1080p or higher resolution camera for the best quality images to view. Remember, If you want to connect your camera to a DVR (digital video recorder)...

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5G Network: Impact on Security and Surveillance Industry

The launch of 5G may be a big motivator for more advanced equipment to appear in security. It is believed that if the correct infrastructure is put in place, unlike when 1G, 2G, and 3G were devised, it will be based on a flexible platform that can be upgraded. It will...

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Wireless Security Cameras – New Era of Home Security

With the advancement of technology, gone are the days when obtrusive wires running across floorboards or walls. Today, almost many security cameras are wireless using wi-fi or short-range technologies to transfer data to a connected smart device. When security cameras...

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Ensure Safety of Home & Family with Video Door Phones

We are living in an unpredictable world where safety and security is quite vulnerable. There is no other way other than taking precautionary measures for our safety, and people who leave it for later often fall victim into malicious events. Therefore it becomes utmost important for us to take some steps to ensure safety and security of our home and family.

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Boom Barrier Enhancing the Entrance Security

Everyone wants to live and work in a secure and safe environment. This is why these days every residential and commercials surroundings are using latest technologies to safeguard their environment. To ensure security at entry points where the heavy flow of visitors is there, Boom Barriers are used to control the access of visitors.

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