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When we talk about commercial real estate, we refer to a workspace rather than a living space. According to a study conducted by the India wing of global real estate services and investment management firm Colliers, there is an improved consumer confidence and growth post the lockdown phase in the Indian commercial real estate segment, thereby suggesting that 2021 would usher a boom in the segment as against Covid-hit 2020. This entails that the security and surveillance industry takes learning from the year going by and preps itself for the new set of demands with regard to commercial real estate.

In the post-Covid era, everyone wants to go for devices and tools that are contactless and wireless and the same stands true in the case of security and surveillance requirements for commercial spaces. A commercial space means increased footfalls and hence requires such security and surveillance tools that not just safeguard physically but also ensure a safe environment that’s free of health-related risks.

The year 2021 is likely to witness an increase in demands for attendance mechanism that requires no physical contact but at the same time equipped to carry out thermal screening of employees as well as visitors. The thermal face recognition cameras can fulfill this requirement. However, the cameras must be equipped with high accuracy temperature sensors and the face recognition technologies must be based on deep learning algorithms. As a matter of fact, there would be and is still a need for a temperature scanner to be integrated with all security products.

Besides, there is also expected to be increased demands for smart CCTV cameras and alarm systems that are ready to be connected with the WiFi. The management at commercial establishments is increasingly relying on devices and tools that are automated and can be managed easily through smartphones. Artificial-intelligence powered access control systems are expected to be hugely in demand. There’s no qualm in saying that AI will definitely play a more prevalent role in the security and surveillance domain.

Amid the wide range of CCTV cameras such as night-vision, colored night vision, etc, there are cameras that are integrated with access control. In simple words, these are rotational zooming cameras that detect a movement at an entry point almost instantly. When a person or vehicle is recognized, its complete path is tracked through AI, and in case there’s an intrusion in a restricted area, these cameras would generate alerts. Going forward, we expect a massive surge in the demands for such devices.

And last but not the least, there will also be a spike in demand for advanced boom barriers and other entry point equipment. For instance, all cars entering a commercial space need to be equipped with UHFID tags. A UHF card reader integrated boom barrier would read the tag from a distance of up to 20 meters and then allow access to the vehicles. The demand for such a mechanism is also expected to shoot up in 2021.


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