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How To Make Your Home Safe From Intruders

We believe that our house is the safest and most peaceful place on earth but to make this place safer we need to be aware of some tips and tricks for how to make your home safe from intruders such as-

7 Tips For How To Make Your Home Safe From Intruders

1.Keep your doors locked: An open door is an invitation to mishappening. Keep your door close always to avoid any illegal trespassing of any living. If you’re going out make sure you keep your door locked. As thieves don’t knock doors while entering thus You don’t know who could be lurking around your house and waiting for the perfect opportunity to sneak in when your back is turned.


2. Keeping any hidden spare keys outside: keeping your spare keys hidden outside of the house always is the biggest risk one takes. If anyone has noticed you keeping your keys outside it’s possible that one of them will find your spare key and keep it to break into your home later. Keep your spare keys at a safe place or give it to a man you trust.


3. Put away ladders: If you are the one who prefers ladders outside of your house then please make sure that the door of your stairs is properly locked and if it is a detachable ladder then keep it inside every night so that thieves won’t have an easy way to gain access to your house.


4. Lock up cars in the garage: Don’t keep your car outside at night. Put an extra effort and keep them in the garage as keeping your vehicles out at night is primetime for vehicle theft and vandalism. It’s easier for car thefts to go unnoticed at night on roads. Not just thief there are great chances that your passer-by may accidentally scratch or ding up your vehicle. If you don’t want anything to happen to your car, keep them in the garage.


5. Install strong doors: Make sure that you have installed a solid hardwood or steel front door and not a lightweight hollow-core door. To prevent intruders from kicking your door open, you must invest in a heavy-duty four-screw deadbolt strike plate. The screws should be at least three inches long to make sure the plate is strongly attached to the door frame.


6. Invest in a security system: This is one of the primary things one can do to ensure the safety and security of your personal belongings. Install high-quality CCTV cameras for home security in your residential area. This is one of the best solutions when you are worrying about how to protect your home from intruders. These security systems will allow you to monitor your house from anywhere and anytime. A camera at the door and other entrance areas along with a parking area will allow you to monitor all of your visitors and ensure that everyone is only taking their fair share of candy.


7. Proper lighting: If worried about how to secure your house then ensure that you have installed an ample amount of lighting in your premises. Lighting makes your premises safer and discourages burglaries to enter your house easily. You can also opt for motion-sensitive light.


Be Secure and preventive about your Home, and do not let it be the target of any theft. Amp up the security with the above-mentioned Tips and you’ll be in for an actual treat. If you have any queries regarding the advanced Security System then please contact us.


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