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CCTV Cameras

Best CCTV Camera For Home in India

Secureye is India’s leading CCTV Brand that offers the best CCTV cameras security for home & office security with a long-range of security and surveillance products on their dashboard. There are different types of CCTV Cameras for Home Security and Safety.

Best CCTV Camera For Office & Home

If you are looking for the best CCTV camera for home in India or the best CCTV camera for office then you will get a wide range with the top quality of CCTV cameras for office & homes as per the requirements. It includes various cameras like an office security camera, WiFi Cameras, Color Night Vision Cameras, CCTV camera for office with mobile connectivity, Analog HD Cameras, PTZ Cameras, IP Cameras systems, and Network Cameras also to provide high resolution and high-quality videos.

We have storage like DVR, NVR, and many other solutions. Apart from the above solutions. It presents various security accessories like Video Baluns, PoE Switches, Cables, and other networking accessories which require incomplete execution of a project.

It provides high-quality products like the FALCON and IBIS series with DVRs & NVRs. You can choose from the long list of products present on the same dashboard. Surveillance cameras are well known for their long-term usage, durability, reliability, and functionality.

What’s the best CCTV camera for the outdoors?

There is multiple wireless best CCTV camera for outdoor security cameras for Outdoor Security. These cameras help to track or access real-time activity from anywhere in your absence.

What are the best CCTV kits?

Secureye presents the various Wireless CCTV NVR kits as per the requirement of the industry. It has 8 channels supported DVR up to 8 cameras. and 720p HD video cameras capture high-quality videos as well as in dark. It covers a range of up to 130 ft. 4 channels with HD DVR that supports up to 4 cameras. Another kit comes with WiFi 4 Channel with LCD(Monitor).

There are different types of CCTV kits listed below:

S-8WK: 8 Channel NVR KIT
S-4WK: 4 Channel NVR KIT
S-4MWK: WiFi 4 Channel Kit with LCD NVR

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