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UHF Reader

Middle Range RFID Reader

Long Distance UHF Card Reader – S-OU200C (Circular Polarization)

  • Description : Long Distance UHF Card Reader
  • Model No : S-OU200C

Key Features:

  • Self-intellectual property
  • Support ISO18000-6B, ISO18000-6C(EPC C1G2) protocol tag
  • 865 ~ 867 MHz
  • FHSS or Fix Frequency transmission
  • RF output power up to 30dbm(adjustable)
  • 12dbi antenna optional with effect distance more than 15m*
  • Support auto-running, interactive and trigger-activating work mode
  • Low power dissipation with single +9 DC power supply
  • Support RS232, RS485, Wiegand interface
  • Provide DLL and Demonstration Software Source code to facilitate further development
  • Electrical And Mechanical Specifications
  • Characteristics
  • Interface
Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Power Supply VCC 8 9 12 V
Current Dissipation IC 350 650 mA
Item Symbol Value Unit
Power Supply VCC 16 V
Operating Temp. TOPR -10~+60 0C
Storage Temp. TSTR -25~+80 0C
Item Comment
Red +9V
Black GND
Yellow Wiegand DATA0
Blue Wiegand DATA1
Purple RS485 R+
Orange RS485 R-
Brown GND
White RS232 RXD
Green RS232 TXD

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