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Face Biometric Attendance System

S AIF5000

Wide Dynamic Face/Finger Recognition Device- S-AIF5000

  • Description : Wide Dynamic Face/Finger Recognition Device
  • Model No : S-AIF5000


  • Deep Learning
  • Dual Camera on Front
  • Finger/Face Recognition
  • Touch Panel Support
  • Specification of S-AIF5000
Face recognition algorithm
Version EBKNv5.3
Base technology Deep learning (1TOPS NPU)
FAR/FRR 0.00001/ 1(%)
Speed Detection: < 0.1second (up to 5 faces simultaneously)
Recognition: < 0.5second (per every face)
Distance 0.5 –2.5M (Up to 3M under good environment.)
Angle Yaw: ≤30°, Pitch: ≤30°
Simultaneous face detection count 5
Anti-spoofing Based on dual camera
Others Support intelligent adaptation
RAM External 512MB DDR3
Camera Visible: 2M (1920*1080)
Resolution Infrared: 2M (1920*1080) Resolution

Field of view: 72.2°
Illumination Visible light illumination
Infrared light illumination
LCD 5Inch (720*1280) Full view IPS screen
Communication Ethernet, Wi-Fi,
RS485, WEB, P2P, 4G(Optional)
RTC Supported
Sound Supported
Touch Panel Supported
Card ID, IC(Optional) Supported
Access Control  Supported – (Door Lock Relay, Bell Relay, Exit Button, Door Sensor
Wiegand In/Out, Tamper, Refresh)
Working voltage DC12V ± 5%(current: below 1.5A)
Working temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
Working humidity(RH) 20% ~ 80%
User capacity 5K
Face capacity 5K
Fingerprint capacity 5K
Access/Attendance log capacity 500K
Management log capacity 3K
SDK Supported

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