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Aadhaar Based Biometric

Secureye is the leading supplier of Aadhaar Based Biometric in India. We provide high-quality products in a limited price range. We offer a biometric attendance system enabled with Aadhaar.

Advantages of Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS) with Fingerprint

Biometric information of an employee’s easily fetched through aadhaar card at registration time in Biometric Device. After employee registration in the biometric system, the employee can use his/her fingerprint to punch-in and punch-out. Only registered users can fill online attendance through punch-in and punch-out, but an unregistered user can not do it as well as he can not enter the office. With the help of a fingerprint, employees can open the office entrance door. Fingerprint completely ensure the entrance of authorized users.

There are many biometric machines listed below:

  • SAB220
  • MC01A
  • SAB200L
  • SAB200


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