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With huge number of students, the safety and security of students is the sole responsibility of Education Institution Authority. Secureye provides complete range of security and surveillance solution for making every educational institution, a safer place for students.

Educational Institutions Security Necessities

  • Monitoring Teachers
  • Student’s Attendance
  • Access authorization of every person entering premises
  • Vehicle management into

Monitoring Teachers/Students Activities

Secureye provides complete video surveillance solution with centralized command centre which can assure the safety and security of every student by monitoring their activities. Our digital video surveillance solutions can be implemented in every corner and classrooms for advanced monitoring. It gives your complete video solution which can ascertain the safety and security.

Challenges of Surveillance Solutions
  • Transparent and effective Communication
  • Tracking individuals/ vehicles entering/ leaving the premises
  • Assuring parents of their children’s security
  • Effective/Advanced Monitoring of teachers/students
Solution of Surveillance Solutions
  • High resolution IP cameras for behaviour monitoring
  • IP cameras equipped with microphone support
  • Periphery surveillance of entire campus
  • Centralized centre for video monitoring

Students Attendance Management

Secureye provides complete range of Biometric and RFID/UHFID solution for effective student’s attendance management. We also provide centralized solution to manage the records of every student or teacher. From attendance to leaves, our systems are efficient enough to manage the records.

Challenges in Students Attendance Management
  • Huge number of students to manage
  • Class-wise attendance record management
  • RFID/UHFID solutions
  • Record management
Solutions in Student’s Attendance Management
  • Huge range of Biometric devices to record the attendance of students
  • Provision of implementation of attendance machines in every class
  • RFID and UHFID based solution for student’s access and attendance
  • Report generation of attendance records of students

Access Authorization in the premises

An effective solution by Secureye plays an important role in access authorization in the premises. We have a wide range of access control solutions which ranges from entrance security solution to door access control. Implementing this solution, you can make your premises and periphery safe by restricting the entry of unauthorized persons.

Challenges in Access Authorization
  • Unwanted entry into restricted zone
  • No proper record of entry/exit in premises
  • Unauthorized entry in premises
Solutions in Access Authorization
  • Boom barrier and other entrance solutions
  • Door Access Control for authorized entry into restricted zones
  • RFID/UHFID based solutions

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