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To make a safer work place for employer and employees is the main motive of Secureye. We offer a complete solution for Corporate which includes Attendance Management of Employees, Access Control and Video Surveillance.

Bank Security Necessities

  • Attendance Management of employees
  • Payroll processing every month
  • Access management to restricted zones
  • Video surveillance of every corner and periphery

Attendance management of Employees

Secureye presents Biometric attendance management system which can manage the details of every employee. You can manage their leaves, holidays, weekly offs and many more. Our attendance machine comes with many operational modes like fingerprint, face recognition and RFID/UHFID.

Benefit of Attendance Management Solution by Secureye
  • Detailed record of every employee
  • Single click report generation and salary processing
  • Improved performance analysis of employees
  • No manual interference in record management
  • Error free processing of data

Access Management

We provide a complete entrance security and access control management solution to the corporate offices. From boom barrier installations to door access control, we have complete solution as per the requirement of the offices and their security needs.

Benefits of Access Control Management by Secureye
  • Restricted of unwanted employees/person in the office premises
  • Secured entrance at main gate of big corporate houses
  • Limited entry to only authentic employee at no entry zones

Digital Surveillance

With implementation of Digital Surveillance system you can be sure about the security issues. Secureye has expertise in security surveillance implementation across many corporate offices. You can have round the clock video recording for any unwanted event. We provide a wide range of cameras which can solve the purpose of security.

Benefits of Digital Surveillance
  • HD cameras for high resolution video recording
  • DVR/NVR for optimum video recording storage
  • Advance video analytics
  • Central command for video monitoring

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