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A home is much more than a set of concretes. Irrespective of whether we live in an apartment or a standalone house, the idea is to own an abode that provides us with a shelter and a sense of security. In fact, concerns pertaining to security and surveillance are of paramount importance in the domain of real estate. Both developers, as well as residents, are increasingly focusing on state-of-the-art home security systems. Instead of just installing cameras here and there, the need is to equip any premise with an integrated security solution. When it comes to large residential buildings or condominiums, there are additional security concerns.

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has also played a big role in determining the security needs and selecting the right tool for the purpose. The evolving trend in the domain of security and surveillance suggest an increased reliance on tech-powered innovations.

Securing the entrance of any premise is of utmost significance. While standalone homes are also inclining towards smart entry systems, the trend is more prominent in residential societies housing hundreds of individuals. The footfall in such establishments is high and random in nature, ranging from laundrymen to car cleaners and delivery executives to visitors, among others. Therefore, safeguarding the entrances was always an uphill task for the developers, the RWAs, and the AOAs.


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