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Wireless Accessories

Wireless Water Leakage Detector

Wireless Water Leakage Detector: WL-100

  • Description : Wireless Water Leakage Detector
  • Model No : WL-100

Wireless Water Leakage Detector is a very useful unit, it
can work standalone as well as work with the alarm panel.
Low power consumption and highly sensitive, easy to install,
usually it will be installed under the water valve or water
pipe to monitor the water leakage. It can use independently
or as a front-end detector of an alarm system.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Working Voltage : 9-12VDC;
  • Battery Life : About 2 years (counted at 3 times each day);
  • Wireless Frequency : 433 MHZ
  • Transmission Range : 100m
  • Working Current (mA) : 10-20mA
  • Static Current(uA) : 4-6uA
  • Operating temperature  : 10degree – +50degree
  • Relative humidity  : <95%

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