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Face Biometric Attendance System

S AIF600

Wide Dynamic Face/Finger Recognition Device- S-AIF600

  • Description : Wide Dynamic Face/Finger Recognition Device
  • Model No : S-AIF600
  • Deep Learning
  • Dual Camera
  • Finger/Face Recognition
  • Touch Panel
  • Specification
Face Recognition Algorithm
Version EBKNv5.3
Base Technology Deep learning
FAR/FRR 0.00001/ 1(%)
Speed Detection: < 0.3 second (up to 3 faces simultaneously) Recognition: < 0.6 second (per every face)
Distance 0.5 –1.3M
Angle Yaw:≤30°, Pitch:≤30°
Simultaneous face detection count 3
Anti-spoofing Based on dual camera
Others Support intelligent adaptation
CPU XM650V200SD2
RAM Embedded 128MB DDR3
Flash 128MB SPI NAND
256MB SPI NAND (Optional based on face capacity)
Camera Visible:1M(1280*720)Resolution Infrared:0.3M(640*480)Resolution Field of view:55.8 Deg
Illumination Visible light illumination Infrared light illumination
Fingerprint sens Slim optical sensor
LCD 2.8 Inch (240*320)
Communication Ethernet, Wi-Fi, P2P
USB Disk Supported
RTC Supported
Sound Supported
Touch Keypad Supported (14 keys)
Card ID (125KHz), IC(13.56MHz, Optional) Support
Access Control Supported
(Door Lock Relay Bell Relay Exit Button Door Sensor Wiegand In/Out Tamper, Refresh)
Working voltage DC12V ± 5% (current: below 1.5A)
Working temperature -10℃~ +60℃
Working humidity (RH) 20% ~ 8
User Capacity 1500
Face Capacity 1500
Fingerprint Capacity 1500
Access/Attendance Log Capacity 1,50,000
Management Log Capacity 3000
Display Language English
SDK Supported
Auto Push Technology Supported

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