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Access Control Accessories

Photoelectric Beam Sensor – S-PB2

  • Description : Photoelectric Beam Sensor
  • Model No : S-PB2


  • Single beam sensor/single beam detector is used for automatic slide door,coil door, garage door windows etc.
  •  Consists of a transmitter and a receiver, and the integrated amplifier can produce infrared beam. Narrow infrared beam (I or II) can avoid interruption by external light.
  •  Even installed at low height(20-40cm from the floor), the detecting distance can also be guaranteed(5-15meters).
  •  The beam produced by MICROCELL provides a self-detecting function for the sliding doors. Once the self-detecting beam is interrupted, the door will stop closing and reverse rapidly to the utmost width. The door will open until the detecting beam is resumed. When the door completely closes, the detecting beam becomes invalid.
  • Technical Specifications
  • Infrared Frequancy  : 1.92khz
  • Power supply : 12 to 24 VDC /AC
  • Wave length : 940nm
  • Input : r*15ma – t*30ma
  • Operating temperature  : -20 degrees to 50degrees
  • Relay output  :1 a max *36 v
  • Range : Range can be reduced to 30% in bad weather  conditions : for rain ,dust ,etc

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