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8 Port PoE Switch - Power over Ethernet - Secureye

8 Port POE Switch – S-8FE-2UG-LD-Al-VLAN

  • Description : 8 Port Fast Ethernet PoE Switch with 2GE Uplink
  • Model No : S-8FE-2UG-LD-Al-VLAN

Key Features:

  • 8 Port POE Switch, Support One key Extend, ports 1-8 support 250 effective meters (Cat.5 or above)
  • Support One key VLAN, ports 1-8isolation for network security
  • Support standard IEEE 3 af/at protocol, automatically detect and identify the PD devices comply with IEEE 802.3 af/at protocol and supply power.
  • Support upward port auto MDI/MDIX.
  • Adopted storage forward switching system.
  • Smart power and minimum consumption, guarantee PD requirement.
  • Power supply circuit protection function and protection back-end device safety
  • Automatically provide the adaptive device
  • Fanless design realize saving energy and environment protection
  • Compact size design
  • Support saving power function when port dis-connection
  • All Ports support Wire-speed forwarding capability
  • Plug and play, easy using without configuration.
  • Indicator Status :
  • Technical Spe
Indicator Indicator Description Normal Status Abnormal Status
Power Light Power Indicator Green ok If red is not ok, Pleasecheck external socket power supply if it is
normaladapter power connection if is correct or not etc..
PoE Indicator PoE Power Indicator Yellow ok If red is not ok, please check the corresponding RJ45 port if connected

with network devices, cable connected if is correctcable if is accord

with standard(cable 5 or more, the transmission distance is max

100meters), damaged, network devices destroyed or not etc..

Link/ACT Indicator PD Devices Connected
Green ok If the light is not ok. Please check the corresponding RJ45 port if connected network devices, POE power normal, cable connected correctly, cable damaged, network devices destroyed or not etc..

S-8FE-2UG-LD-Al-VLAN is a Gigabit uplink 8-port 100M POE switch, it has 4 working modes, Al VLAN mode, Al Extend mode, Al PoE, Al QoS mode. All ports are free to communicate by default; In Al VLAN mode, 1 -8 ports are isolated from each other, which can effectively restrain network storms and improve network performance. In AI Extend mode, the effective transmission distance of 1-8 ports can reach 250 meters, which is suitable for remote monitoring and power supply. In the Al PoE mode, the switch automatically detects the working status of the PD device and finds that the device abnormal automatically restarts the device. In Al QoS mode, the video data will be processed preferentially when the device is congested to make the video smooth. S-8FE-2UG-LD-Al-VLAN supports the standard IEEE 802.3 af/at protocol, which can automatically detect and identify the PD devices and supply power, therefore, Donnot worry about PoE or non-PoE devices that can damage private standards.

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