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With the advancement of technology, gone are the days when obtrusive wires running across floorboards or walls. Today, almost many security cameras are wireless using wi-fi or short-range technologies to transfer data to a connected smart device.

When security cameras came into the market, they were connected to an electrical source and relied on video cables to transmit video signals to a viewing device like a computer or TV. Now with the emergence of Wireless Security Cameras, the audio and video signals are transmitted through the internet or other wireless network to viewing devices. Many people use computers or cloud storage to save video footage.

Secureye Home Security Cameras comes with many benefits that ensure safety to another level. There are some benefits that add to make it a more reliable security system. They are as follows:

  • Wireless Technology
  • Motion Detection
  • Automatic Cloud Storage
  • Remote Viewing
  • Scheduled Recording

Wireless Technology

Secureye Wireless Security cameras have eliminated the need of obtrusive wiring that run to each cameras and storage device. Also, there is no need of making any changes in the interior of the house, just you need to place and connect with the internet sources. Simply plug and play without any hassle.

Motion Detection

Wireless Security cameras from Secureye are outfitted with motion sensor technology which makes it both, energy-efficient and secure. Security cameras with motion detection start recording if it feels any movement in the designated area. And in the case of pan-tilt, it will automatically focus on the moving body and record the event.

Scheduled Recording

One of the most advantageous features of this camera is that the user can schedule the recording of the events. Apart from recording video clips whenever motion is detected, an alarm is activated, or a sensor is triggered. Now it’s quite easy to schedule your surveillance system to automatically record at certain times.

This feature adds extra safety to the system and ensures your house is secured as much as possible. You can keep an eye on your kids after their school or babysitter at home just through your mobile device when you are away. Scheduled recording ensures you know what is going on in your home all the time.

Cloud Storage

Of all advanced features, Cloud Storage is one of the key components that connect it all in Secureye Wireless Security Cameras. All video clips and audio clips are automatically transferred via the Wi-Fi network to cloud storage. The stored videos on the cloud, allow you to access from the control panel or online account removing all the hassles involved in managing the physical storage devices.

Remote Access

Finally, the most important and convenient feature of wireless surveillance cameras are remote access. This means you can control, manage, and monitor a home surveillance system from any part of the world through mobile phones. Anywhere you go; you can easily monitor and access what is happening in your home.

How does Secureye wireless cameras work for non-techie people?

While these features may sound intriguing, but many of you would wonder how difficult it would be to install them.

Now here comes an interesting part. Secureye wireless security systems are DIY Products which is as easy as to ‘plug n play’ a video game. You do not have to be super technical to install and use these systems. Even if you face any issues, our technical team is always there to help you, just visit us at or call 1800 1022 366

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