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Security levels in the schools and educational institutions are holistically different from what they used to a couple of decades ago. As much as the level of imparting education has gone up, the parameters involved in providing on-premise security are rapidly evolving, along with changes in the environment. From AI-based security evaluations to biometrics-based visitor access, the scope of ensuring safety has become a key consideration in the education sector, lately. Though school administrations have vigilantly worked to ensure that the students arrive safe and their movement remains well-protected within the school premises. Yet, the inevitable environmental changes are posing new threats and challenges each day.

Present Scenario

The nature of vulnerabilities for school-going kids has multiplied, and is challenging the safety of children inside schools and also during the commute. Instances of rash driving, road accidents, sexual misconduct, and corporal punishments have exposed school children to danger at tender ages. Crimes towards minors and incidents involving school-going students have been on the rise, leaving no room for parents other than finding concrete solutions. Consequently, parents are choosing schools that are well-equipped and have installed advanced methods to ensure the safety and security of school students. Measures such as security checks at the entry gates, 24/7 surveillance via advanced CCTV cameras, visitor scanning, and wired boundary walls around the schools and hostel compounds have become mandatory practices. The regulatory authorities in the educational sector too have tightened the noose, raising the accountability of the school administrations towards securing the environment for children. In such a scenario, school authorities are adopting new and advanced safety and security solutions. With multi-dimensional technological advancements in the security vertical, effective services and solutions are getting devised, specifically to deter challenges related to schools and institutions.

Implementing Measures for Schools and Institutions

There’s good news. Security solutions have become increasingly integrated and customizable. This has led to reforms in the existing security mechanism, irrespective of the industry or vertical. Multitudes of the solution are being developed, vertical-wise. To state an instance pertaining to the education sector, for reducing cases of rash driving or accidents due to negligible driving, GPS-enabled buses and vehicles with trained staff are being deployed. Similarly, schools are identifying vulnerable spots in the school premises and putting them under CCTV surveillance with IP-based (Internet Protocol) cameras for monitoring student’s movement. Other steps like visitors scanning, to track visitor entry in the school premises, are helping the periodic evaluation of the visitor data. Many schools are also introducing AI-based security checks for the internal staff as well as for the visitors. This has reduced the extended workload on the existing security staff. Apart from this, various security solutions based on the Biometric Assessment of teaching and non-teaching staff and installation of Intrusion Alarm in case of unexpected violence are capable of checking threats and vulnerabilities for the schools and educational institutions. In addition to these steps, checking authorized/unauthorized access inside the school or educational building via access cards with pre-defined security integration is essential to keep a check on unauthorized access.

Learning thrives insecure environment – and the statement fits the learners of modern-day. Owing to technological advancements, ensuring uncompromised levels of security structures in schools and education institutions are within human reach. Especially, when the security solutions have become highly customizable and can be integrated easily to align with the defined security criterion. Implementing integrated security solutions enables school authorities in responding well to the changes in our surroundings. Despite the rise in challenges, schools and educational institutions can handle different types of challenges with the help of technology-backed security solutions.

Tips for students by Secureye:

# Avoid going to dark spots

# Report any rash driving by the school bus driver to school authorities

# Comply with all security norms prescribed by school authorities

# Report any mishappening at school to parents

# Refrain from venturing outside school campus even in exigencies

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