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Everyone wants to live and work in a secure and safe environment. This is why these days every residential and commercial surrounding is using the latest technologies to safeguard their environment. To ensure security at entry points where the heavy flow of visitors is there, Boom Barriers are used to control the access of visitors.

There are plenty of benefits and applications of Boom Barrier and security gates. In addition to providing an extra layer of security, it also provides crowd control and prevents unwanted entry of unauthorized visitors & vehicles at your business or domestic property.

The best thing with boom barriers is that they can be used automatically as well as manually. A few decades earlier, boom barriers were manually operated but the advent of technology has made it automated. Automatic Boom Barriers can be easily integrated with RFID card readers which can authenticate the authorized visitors in the premises.

Types of Boom Barriers based on operational point of view:

Electromechanical Boom Barriers –  These types of boom barriers are one of the highest quality entrance security equipment used for day – and – night use in industrial or commercial surroundings. You can opt for different types of arm lengths that can be perfectly suitable for your security requirements.

Hydraulic Boom Barriers –  The hydraulic boom barriers are one of the strongest fencing or entrance security device in the present time. These types of barriers are required only when the purpose of security demands over the length boom for a perfect solution.

Manual Boom Barriers – These types of boom barriers are installed at locations where there is a limited visitor for entrance service entrances or residential apartments. Electric switches are required to operate this equipment.

 Benefits of Installing Boom Barriers

 Enhance Security: The most important aspect for which entrance security equipment is installed is to enhance the security of the surroundings. It allows you to have full control over the entry and exit of your property. Precise entrance control not only helps you to ensure safety but also decreases the number of unwanted visitors as well.

Unauthorized Entry is Eliminated – Boom barriers installed at various commercial and residential buildings completely eliminate the entry of unauthorized visitors. It can be highly secure and safe in authorizing the entrance of visitors & vehicles.

Easy Integration with Security Equipment – These Security gates can easily be integrated with a Number Plate Recognition Camera, RFID, and other access control devices for better and secure operation. Also, when integrated with a number plate reader, it can allow passing the vehicles only when it is successfully authenticated. This adds double-layer security as it captures complete records.

Convenience – Now with the implementation of the Automatic Boom Barrier the convenience of the visitor increases as it automatically opens once you are successfully verified. Instead of getting out of the car to manually open the gate, you can drive through the gate authenticating your identity through RFID readers.

Some of the other benefits are – these equipment are 24 x 7 operational, weatherproof, responsive well as automated operation.

Apart from its benefits, there are some other key points that are required to be known before its implementation. Here are some of the key operational modes of boom barriers.

  • Push Buttons
  • Remote Control
  • RFID Tags/ RFID Readers
  • Access Control Device
  • Number Plate Recognition Camera

Now considering its usage and applications, we can use Boom Barriers at every residential and commercial space where you want to check the entry and exit of vehicles and visitors.

  • Shopping malls or commercial buildings
  • Residential apartments as well as domestic places
  • Public buildings like colleges, hotels, parks, and hospitals
  • Parking areas for staff in private and public places
  • Toll plaza and booths

Secureye provides world-class entrance security products including boom barriers, swing barriers, tripod turnstile, and several other entrance products. Secureye boom barriers are installed at multiple places across the nation at various commercial and residential places ensuring the safety and security of the surroundings. Entrance security products from Secureye are well known for their durability and robustness with high performance.

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