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It is a fact that passwords are not that reliable which can provide sufficient security. The problem with passwords for security is that they can easily be bypassed by rouge employees or hackers. Due to all these shortcomings, biometrics is taking a leaping advantage over passwords to protect or guard your critical data. It is widely adopted across the globe due to various reasons and hence it has become a future of data security.

Biometric Passwords can’t be replicated

These days many websites ask us to use special characters in our passwords, as it is tougher for hackers to gain access to your classified data. But algorithms available with hackers can also breach this password security. Hence, for IT security, we are gradually moving towards biometrics technology.

Biometric uses the physical identity of a person or personal attributes as codes for access. The most common forms of biometric used across the globe are Biometric Fingerprint Scanner & Face Reader. And since it cannot be replicated, it is the new password for every human being.

Biometric is Convenient

Biometrics are quite convenient for users. You do not require cramming long and complicated passwords. Your body part is your password; the only thing you need to remember is to put your finger on the fingerprint scanner.

Many users have a tendency to write down their passwords somewhere or use a combination of personal information to formulate passwords that make them easier to remember. And this increases the changes of the breach.

With the use of biometrics, you do not have to take any precautionary step to remember the password, since forgetting is taken out of the equation. It will also enhance data retrieval technology since no encryption is required in biometrics.

Biometrics are Becoming More Accessible

For a long time now, the use of biometrics has been relegated by large companies and institutions that required maximum security. Biometrics is generally used in the banking sector, health sector, and other areas that are considered as high-security zones.

The use of biometrics has become more accessible over the last few years. For instance, Windows 10 recently adopted the use of biometrics for security. It provided the required application software and hardware (fingerprint scanner) on PCs to enhance security.

The use of biometrics is also becoming more common in airports, hotels, and even in the Aadhar enrolment/verification process.

In a nutshell, it is quite evident that biometrics has many advantages when it comes to security. Biometrics will reduce the chances for breaches by eliminating the use of algorithms by hackers to retrieve keywords and eliminate the chances of users forgetting passwords. And with biometrics becoming more and more accessible, we can expect biometric technology to become the norm in the coming years. Secureye is the leading brand that provides biometric technology for every purpose and application. Be it a fingerprint scanner or face recognition device, Secureye provides the best solution across the industry in the country.

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