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Now days, Artificial Intelligence is not the thing of a science fiction or any concept based technology. It’s equally important for home security and surveillance system. Till now, we have used security cameras as a normal “record & view” system. We could only view the video recordings after the mishappening has occurred.

Clearly, you cannot spend your day watching the security camera’s live stream to limit unwanted events like intrusion or burglary. All you want is to get a notification in real-time, in case of any emergency or intrusion, burglary, theft, or any unwanted incidents. Here comes the role of “Artificial Intelligence” in Security cameras and surveillance systems which gives you real-time alerts. Each different AI function enables you to work more efficiently as you don’t have to deal with numerous fake alerts.

With video analytics technology in our security camera systems, the job of securing your home or business becomes much simpler. AI-enabled security camera uses motion detection functions like Tripwire, intrusion, and heat mapping to introduce greater precision and confidence for event detection. And the best thing is that with time the AI will improve and become more precise.

Artificial Intelligence – Smart Detection Features

  1. Trip Wire: This can help to detect intruders when a line is crossed. You can make changes in the settings and fix the line for entry or exit and that can record import entry/exit points.
  2. Missing Object Detection: You will be notified if anything goes missing from the normal view of the cameras from its assigned zones/points.
  3. Abandoned Object Missing: Alerts can be generated when any object is left in the area of interest longer than any set period of time.
  4. Intrusion: Whenever anyone tries to cross the designated area around the points fixed by you, a notification is generated.
  5. Heat Mapping: You want to be notified about the hot spots around the areas under surveillance by security cameras, use heat mapping to get alerts.
  6. People counting: Set up the feature of people counting and you will get to know the number of people coming and leaving your home, office, or apartments.
  7. Number Plate Recognition: Number plate recognition cameras read the number plate of any vehicle in a set area. It can easily read within a speed range of 0 – 200 Km/h.
  8. Face Recognition: AI-enabled cameras can easily recognize the face of a registered person. Apart from a registered person comes into a set area of interest, an alert would be generated and you will be notified.
  9. Moving Object Detection: AI-Enabled Cameras come with a Humanoid feature that detects the physical features of a human being and if any animal or other creatures come into the view of the camera, an alert is generated as per the set rules.
  10. Voice Recognition: Security cameras with the highest AI features can also recognize the voices of family members or daily visitors.
  11. Alexa Based Voice Instruction: Secureye has recently launched a camera that works through Alexa. The camera follows the voice instructions as given by the user through Alexa and performs the activity as desired.
  12. Activity Tracking: Amazon store uses video analytics using gesture control to manage the visitors. Suppose if you picked an item and didn’t keep it, the store manager will be notified. Or if your behavior is unusual than normal visitors, notification would be generated.
  13. Gesture Control: AI-based cameras can also understand the pre-fixed gestures of the user – like when to zoom when to track the footsteps when to click the image from video streaming etc.

Overall, the Artificial Intelligence-based Security Cameras are set to reduce the crime rates as it would give real-time alerts and notifications which can avert mishappening.

At Secureye, we provide the highest quality and technologically updated products. We offer cameras with smart detection with Artificial Intelligence features and monitor your region of interest with high precision.

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